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technology for a
greener tomorrow

We turn pixels and bytes into positive environmental change.

Pixel Planet Today is a creative venture that pairs facts about the planet with pixel art designs. What started as a Design-365 project has since spun into a fully-fledged environmental-awareness endeavor, aiming to raise an appreciation for the planet using the power of nostalgia.

Pinekeepers is a retro-inspired game that turns trees saved in the digital world into real-life saplings! This game is in the early stages of development, but will feature trees, wildfires, and of course, pixel art. Stay tuned for more information as we release it on our social media channels!


The name 'Terrabyte' is a play on 'terabyte' - a unit of measurement of data equal to 1,024 gigabytes. By changing the first part of the word, we can reflect that not only are we a tech company, but a green tech company.

For those that are fans of our initial project, Pixel Planet Today, you may be asking, "Why not name the company Pixel Planet?" While this was under consideration, we finally decided to go with 'Terrabyte' sheerly for the fact that not all of our projects will be based on pixel art (just some).

There is a lot of symbolism behind choosing the 'A' for our standalone logo, but to sum it up: it encompasses everything this company stands for and represents. The triangular 'A' is reminiscent of a tall mountain (many people think of mountains when they think of nature and the Earth), but it is also missing a piece (referencing the second part of our name, 'byte'). The letter 'A' also sits perfectly in the middle of our name, representing our goal to bring a new kind of balance between nature and human-created technology.

Just for now. Our first two projects are created using pixel art purely because it matches what those brands are about, but some planned future projects won't use pixel art at all (as it won't make sense in those contexts).

Terrabyte is a for-profit business, but like other purpose-driven companies, we do a lot more than push out products and take your money. While we are in our infancy, we strive to create environmentally-friendly products while being environmentally-conscious ourselves. Our project websites are hosted using green energy, and our operations are entirely plastic-free! As we grow, we will continue making eco-conscious steps for the company, including become a B Corp, help employees lead sustainable lives, and get all of our energy from renewable sources.

Terrabyte isn't your average green tech company. While some green tech companies focus on bringing revolutionary devices and machinery to market, we are more focused on the tech that's already widely used today. We're not in the business of building carbon vacuums (as honorable as a profession that is), we're in the business of making it easier for the little guy to become more environmentally-conscious and actually become more environmentally friendly.

But even on the surface, it shouldn't take long to see what sets us apart. Since the beginning of Pixel Planet Today, we've been focused on using art and design to communicate climate challenges. We're artists first - the rest is just to make it more impactful.

Like other, newer TLDs (the ending of a web address like .com, .net, etc.), .eco domains help communicate the website's focus, even as someone is typing the URL. But unlike other TLDs like .shop, .website, or even .pizza - .eco is backed by a multitude of environmental organizations. World Wildlife Fund, Ocean Conservancy, IUCN, and over 50 others advise policies for .eco.

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