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Our world is in trouble

...and if you know anything about Hollywood — it's up to nerds like us to save the day.

Our Organization

We're a greentech company based in Omaha, NE (the Silicon Prairie, if you will).


We're here to change the world for the better. And while there are plenty of global issues that need fixing, in looking at the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, our work most closely aligns with Climate Action (13), Life Below Water (14), and Life on Land (15). Each project fits within the UN's SDGs a bit differently, but these three are at the base of everything we do.


Most of our goals revolve around getting X project done by Y, but we are committed to running our company sustainably, as well. Our largest goal is to run entirely on renewable energy (and effectively, being carbon-free) by 2035, but even now, we are taking steps to limiting our impact. All of our websites are hosted using renewable energy providers, our merch is entirely plastic-free, and we donate a portion of our revenue to environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund.

To see a full list of our corporate sustainability goals, visit our .Eco Profile.

Green-hosted websites

Operate plastic-free

Use only renewable energy

How it came to be

We never set out to create a green tech company, or really, a company at all — it was a classic case of "it just happened."

The story started how most great stories do: a typical boring day. Read the story Sammy, a recent college graduate (who would later become the founding member of Terrabyte) was working his 9 to 5 (a cushy web design position in financial tech) when he realized he wanted to do more with his life. He had always been fascinated with the planet and had a passion for design, yet he found himself creating websites for banking platforms. He had seen other artists take part in Design-365 challenges — where the artist would create a design every day for a year — and decided to create one of his own. However, on top of creating a design everyday, he would pair it with a fact about our natural world. It was this decision that gave birth to Pixel Planet Today, a project that lives on well after that first year of designs.

As Sammy carried on creating Pixel Planet Today posts, he continued to come up with other ideas for how he could impact others and help save the planet. The second project for the team, Pinekeepers, aims to turn trees saved in-game into trees being planted in real life. The game is still in development, but the team loves sharing news about its progress on its social media channels and in the <little-bytes> newsletter.

In looking towards the future of their environmental ventures, Sammy and the team decided that it just made sense to create a green tech company that could harbor all of the projects. The name, Terrabyte, plays off the word 'terabyte' (a large amount of computer data) to also include the latin word for Earth,'Terra'. And turning computer data into planet-benefitting actions? That's what it's all about.

The Team

Sammy Harper (he/him)

Founder & Creator

The aforementioned founder, Sammy is the original creator of Pixel Planet Today and is head of the team's operations. His background in Multimedia and Information Technology, combined with his core interests in wildlife and our natural world, greatly lend to Terrabyte's mission of creating change for the better.

Fact: "In 6th grade, I asked the teacher if it was okay to bring my report in on a floppy disk instead of a flash drive (I was behind the times, tech-wise)."

Ashley Florer (she/her)

Project Coordinator

The first 'helper' on board, Ashley has been integral to post-planning, source-gathering, and planning timelines of in-progress projects. Her keen sense of organization and time-management have helped the team immensely!

Fact: "Green is ironically my favorite color, and I take great pride in my thrifted finds."

Pablo Morales Garcia (he/him)

Hardware Engineer & Developer

Being one of the most diverse people out there, Pablo is just as comfortable developing a library database as he is exploring the French Alps. With a background in teaching and interests ranging from writing and IT to language-learning and singing - it's no surprise that 'conservation' makes the list of passions as well.

Fact: "I can say 'Go Green' in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, and Korean)."

See yourself being listed here?

We'd love to hear how you'd like to get involved with our projects! If interested, you can reach out to us directly via our various social channels, or by emailing us at info@terrabyte.eco.